What Is Novelize?

Simply put, Novelize is an online tool developed for writing fiction.

Novelize is a Software as a Service (SaaS) writing app developed in PHP and hosted online that has been developed specifically for those who write fiction. Novelize is hosted on servers by Digital Ocean and has been built with the Laravel Framework. Whether it's our unique Notebook Panel, our commitment to keep you writing, or one of our other features, Novelize is a great tool for writing novels. By focusing on novel writers, we can put all of our efforts into creating the perfect tool for novelists.

Who's Behind Novelize?

Anita and Josh Evensen

Novelize is being developed by husband and wife team Anita and Josh Evensen. Josh is a freelance Web Developer by day working on building websites for various companies across the country. Anita is a bit of an overachiever by taking care of our four children, working as a freelance Content Writer, writing books, and being active in the Unassisted Childbirth world.

Novelize is a project of passion for both of us. And the great thing is that Novelize doesn't have to rely on funding or outside assistance to continue development due to Josh's skills. This means you can expect to see new features regularly.

Where Is Novelize Heading?

Right now Novelize is just starting to take its first baby steps into the world. It has the most important features in place, and it's only going to get better. There is a huge to-do list left to be developed including more export options, print notebook sheets, notebook sorting, search novel, grammar check, and much more.

Of course we're eager to hear more about what ideas you have for Novelize. We strongly encourge you to tell us what you think. Please use our Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, or contact page and let us know what's important to you so we can bring it to Novelize.

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