Write Your Novel Anywhere

Novelize on mobile device

With anywhere online access you can work on your novel wherever the mood strikes you. Now you can continue where you left off at the library, your friend's house, and during your lunch break at work.

You can access your novel via any web browser because Novelize is an online web app. You can log in from almost any device, including

  • Smart phones such as an iPhone, Android, or Windows phones
  • All tablets, including Kindle Fire, iPad, and Surface
  • Your favorite laptop or Chromebook
  • On your computer, whether it's Mac, Windows, or Linux

Save Your Details Nearby

Notebook Panel

One of the key features of Novelize is the Notebook panel. Instead of having to keep track of all of your information on sticky notes, paper notebooks, or in your head, the Notebook panel becomes your information base. The best part is that you can access this information without leaving your writing screen.

  • Characters

    Record your characters' information and refer back to the details whenever you need to during the writing process.

  • Groups

    Use this category to save information about organizations or groups of people that are important for your story.

  • Locations

    Use locations to help you remember what the scenery looks like in every one of your locations.

  • Dates

    Record important dates for your story. You can even create custom dates if you're using an alternate timeline.

  • Items

    This cateogry is used to save important details about specific items, like mysterious clues, in your story.

  • Notes

    Keep track of reference notes and miscellaneous information while you’re working on your story.

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Keep Your Novel Private, Secure, and Backed Up

We understand the importance of keeping your work-in-progress under wraps until you're ready to release it to the world. Novelize has built-in authorization checks to ensure that only you can see your novel.

We protect your novel as a mother would protect her child. We utilize SSL certification, CSRF Protection, and Database Encryption of key information to ensure that your novel is secure at all times.

You never have to worry about backing up your novel again. We take care of that with weekly database backups to multiple secure locations. Yes, we have a backup for our backup.

Stay on Track and Finish Your Novel

  • Daily Progress

    When you have a deadline, sometimes you need to buckle down and write every day. With Novelize, you can keep track of your daily word count goal.

  • Weekly Progress

    Since the total word count goal can be intimidating, Novelize displays a weekly word count goal. You can get that novel done by writing a little bit each week.

  • Total Progress

    To help you get that novel done, Novelize tracks your overall progress. You can adjust each of your word count goals at any time.

  • Weekly Email Report

    We really want to help you write your novel. That's why we send you a weekly progress report via email letting you know what you've accomplished this week.

Focus on Each Stage of Writing

  • Outline Mode

    Using the information created in the planning stage, you can flesh out your ideas in the outline mode. Now you get to add the chapters and a short description about what happens in your story.

  • Write Mode

    Now it's time to write. Your quick chapter descriptions from Outline mode can get you started on your novel, but of course you can change the details as you go along.

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Use Multiple Ways to Export Your Novel

Novelize Publish Panel

After you've written your novel, it's time to publish it and send it out into the world. Novelize allows you to use one of 4 exporting options...

  • Quickly print a copy when you want to edit on paper
  • Export a pre-formatted manuscript so you can send it to your publisher
  • Publish a PDF copy for reviewers with formatting options
  • Publish a Word document with formatting options

Reorganize Your Novel When Things Change

Reorganize Screen of Novelize

As you're writing your novel, you might need to move scenes or entire chapters around. Fortunately, Novelize makes it easy to do just that.

Simply click on the 'Organize Novel' link above your table of contents and you'll be able to drag and drop your scenes and chapters around however you like.

Advanced Saving

  • Unsaved Warnings

    If your work hasn't been saved, Novelize will remind you to save if you try to leave the current screen.

  • Prominent Save Status

    Novelize will always let you know if your work is saved, saving, or ready to be saved.

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