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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide my credit card information to sign up?

Yes. We won't charge your card until the end of your 17-day trial. But we need your billing information to reduce fraud and verify you have a valid credit card should you keep your account open. This prevents any interruption in service.

Why should I pay for Novelize?

To support more features. We know that you have other options, but by paying a small amount each month for Novelize, you help us develop additional features. We're not trying to become rich, but we do spend a lot of time maintaining Novelize and taking care of our customers.

Is the content I write kept safe?

Of course. We have a safe and secure server through Digital Ocean. We also perform regular backups so if something crazy happens, we don’t lose any of your work.

Is what I write private?

Absolutely. With SSL Encryption your work won't be stolen while being transferred to our servers. Then we utilize every technique we can to secure our servers.

Who owns the rights to the content I enter into Novelize?

You and only you. Novelize will claim a limited license to your content so we can provide you with our service. This limited license only pertains to the right to store your content and show it to you inside the Novelize app. You can find out more by reading our Terms of Service.

Can I cancel my account anytime I want?

Of course. You can cancel your account by going into your account screen inside of the Novelize App. However, before you cancel, you need to export your novels to avoid losing your story information.

What happens if Novelize closes shop?

We will export your novels. While we don't have any plans to close up shop, if it does happen, we'll export your novels and send them to you in a Word document. We understand these novels are your blood, sweat, and tears; and we'll do everything we can to make sure you'll always have access to them.

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