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Are you using the right tool to get your novel written? If you want a finished manuscript, you need intuitive novel writing software that keeps you on track and helps you write more novels.


What makes Novelize different ?

The short answer: We care.

The long answer: Novelize isn’t the right solution for everyone. We have some features that others don’t have, and there are some features we don’t have (yet). But we truly care about you and your success as a writer. Our goal is to help you write. Whether you’re just starting out or have written several books, we’re here to support you. When you send us an email, you’ll know what we mean. We respond to every customer inquiry with a personal email. You will not receive canned responses from us. If there’s something we can do to make things right for you, we will.



You should be able to access your novels from anywhere. With Novelize, you can work on any device with a browser and an Internet connection - desktop, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone. Just get that novel written!

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How to use Novelize

Novelize is easy to use and doesn’t require you to read a manual or take a training course. That being said, we have created a little guide with screenshots to help you find and utilize all its features.

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Who is behind Novelize? And who owns the right to your novel? (spoiler alert - a family business and only you) Check out this page for more question about the company and the service we offer.

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Writing a novel is not easy, but it should be simple. Novelize has all the features you need while minimizing distractions.

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